15 Day Take-Action Challenge!

Suggestions for added fun: Take the challenge with a friend or group of friends!

About the challenge | About the featured organizations

Day 1:
Make a mask using items in your house!
Day 2:
Dress to impress day – get dressed up for yourself, and maybe take a selfie
Day 3:
Collect materials to make 5-10 masks to donate (We’ll share how to donate safely!)
Day 4:
Take the active listening training on 7 cups
Day 5:
Day 6:
Spend 1 hour as an active listener on 7 cups
Day 7:
Do a 10 minute guided meditation
Day 8:
Give an object off the Amazon wishlist to a survivor of domestic
Day 9:
Find a mutual aid hub near you, and join the group to stay informed
Day 10:
Do something YOU love and find relaxing!
Day 11:
Make 5 face masks using the materials from day 3 and donate to an organization
Day 12:
Call an old friend and spend some time catching up
Day 13:
Donate to an organization that speaks to you!
Mental Health
Food Insecurity
Day 14:
Share unemployment resources with your community
Day 15:
Nominate 1-2 friends and share the challenge!

About the Challenge

The 15 day challenge was an idea to build energy and momentum around taking care of others and ourselves. Our team recognized that one of the hardest things for ourselves in facing the pandemic and wanting to help was figuring out where to start. We hope that the challenge inspires ourselves and others to take that first step.

7 Cups: 7 Cups is a website which provides online therapy and free support to people experiencing emotional distress by connecting them with trained listeners.

Mutual Aid Groups:

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